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Antibacterial processing

Car air conditioner refilling and repair. Warranty

Cabin ventilation system cleaning and antibacterial processing.

Regular ventilation system desinfection and air filter replacement gives good results. Evaporator is built in dash board and connected to ventilation system. When dust gets on the evaporator, the fungus and microorganisms start to grow. Pollution gets into the car through the vent holes. This is often the reason for several allergies (symptoms could be sneezing, cough, irritated eyes). Mold on the evaporator walls generates unpleasant smell.

Thermal camera

Thermal camera

Thermal camera


40 eurone car

  • antibacterial processing
  • Warranty 3 months

Cleaning the evaporator regurarly the fungus and microorganisms will be destroyed.

Professionally performed desinfection is not harmful for your health! Evaporator is the salon radiator which cools indoor air.

Change of temperature and humidity are main causes for microorganisms to procreate in ventilation system. This in turn causes unpleasant smell and could cause allergic reactions and sickness.

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35 eurstart from

  • with materials